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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Join to watch all movies in full length?

    Joining is easy. You only have to chose a Payment option (One-Time-Payment or Membership) and after Paying get instant access to all movies.

    You have the Choice between a One-Time-Payment (Time Ticket) or a membership with recurring payments.

  • What is a Membership?

    A Membership is a recurring payment which is deducted to your chosen pime period.

    Memberships can be cancelled any time without giving any reasons why.

    Example: If you cancel a One-Month-Membership after 10 days it will not be billed again in the next month.

  • How can I pay for the movies?

    Simply Check the "Join Now" - Button and all available Payment Methods will show up,

    Payment Methods can vary in different Countries.

  • What happens when I have paid?

    You will get instant access to the Member Area of with your chosen Username and your Password.

    After a successful payment our Payment Processor, VEROTEL, sends you an E-Mail for your Start. Check your E-Mail account for this Mail.

    Nach erfogreicher Zahlungsabwicklung erhalten Sie sofort Zugang zu
    Sie loggen sich dann einfach bei "Login" mit Ihrem gewaehlten Username und Ihrem Passwort ein.

  • Where is the Login for Members?

    You find the "Login"-link in the top right corner of every page.

  • When can I cancel my Membership?

    You can cancel your Membership any time without giving any reasons.

    Go to the Verotel Billing Support to cancel your Membership.

  • Which Name will appear on my CreditCard?

    VEROTEL will appear on your Credit Card.

  • I have a slow Internet connection, which product should I buy?

    If you can watch the trailers you won't have problems watching the movies.
    Our Servers detect your internet connection and chose the best quality you can watch.

  • How can I pay in the currency of my country?

    Your Credit Card Payment is automatically converted into the currency of your country.

    You can easily test it on the payment site, if you click on the "buy now" button.

  • I only see the pictures of the movies. How can I start them?

    Simply click on the Picture and the movie or Trailer will start immediately.

    You need an up to date Flash Version to watch our movies

  • Can I download the movies?

    No, we deliver the movies via online streaming.

    You can only download the Trailers.

  • I forgot my password!

    Your password was emailed to you by VEROTEL at the time of the purchase. In case you can't find that e-mail, VEROTEL can retrieve your password for you.

    Click here

  • Filesharing advice

    Our movies are marked digitally with a fingerprint to avoid illegal filesharing.

    Please note that it is not allowed to download or copy the movies of

    Any illegal download can be identified through IP-Tracking.

    Thank you for your honesty.

    Trailer Download and sharing is allowed any time.

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